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Shopping NYC is a New 2020 Online Gift Shop Store where you can get; Toys, Children’s Clothing, Sports Articles, Household Articles, Home Tools, Indoor and Outdoor Accessories, Personal Care Articles, and every product that could potentially make your life easier and more practical.

Buy Gifts in our Online Shop Store
Buy Gifts in our Online Shop Store

So how did it start? Let’s begin with my story. I am a Venezuelan immigrant that came in 2018 to this great and supportive country to start a new life after I found myself struggling economically.

I must confess, I never thought that in my 40 years with 15 of these as Civil Engineer, I would have to start literally from Zero.

2020 arrived, same with Covid-19 but I couldn´t just do nothing so I started thinking about the things I like the most and that is interacting with people. An idea came to my mind.

Since I was forced to stay at home, for the welfare of my family and mine, asking myself ¨what to do?” one day investigating I realized that I had to make a choice other than staying home and worrying, so I decided to act.

So here we are, I came up with a new business, my Online Gift Shop which is all about bringing joy and happiness to my clients by offering innovative but also useful products.

My motivation and inspiration for this idea, my 2 daughters who make my days with their smiles. So here I am, excited, nervous, but secure and with a lot of optimism because I know there is a lot of joy to spread.

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